Hey guys! Name's Andraya but most people call me Draya. I’m 20…I love reading…I’m a total anime nerd…without music I would die…. I plan to be a chef someday. If the previous thing doesn't happen I'll become a writer…and….I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR!!! Especially a certain Lee Donghae~ <3



This is my favorite moment of the  concert xD xD 

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“you’re messing with the wrong person”

“you’re messing with the wrong person”

Henry Lau bts ‘Final Recipe
..touch touch..

THIS IS LOVE x 백일몽 (Evanesce)


I’m lonely…

bye bye Suho-yah! ^^ -DH hyung & SW hyung

Even though he’s injured, he always gives his best. We are so proud of you, Choi Siwon.~